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Monthly competitions allow you to develop your skills and gain points in the LHUK league.

Entries Now Open For July Show

Entries Close July 31st

Olympic theme!! The person with the best fancy dress will win a special prize!!

Class 1. Walk and Trot on the Line. Test A3

Class 2. Liberty at the shoulder; Walk only. Test B4

Class 3. Liberty at the shoulder; Walk and trot. Test C2

Class 4; Liberty; Walk and trot. Test D3

Class 5; Ridden bridleless. Test E1

** By attempting any of the tasks you agree that it is done entirely at your own risk, Only do what you feel comfortable with. You may wear a bridle or a halter and have the reins/ rope secured safely on the horse’s neck. Whilst you will lose marks for using the reins/ rope, safety must come first and you must use them if necessary to stay safe **

Class 6. Walk, trot and canter at liberty! Test F2

Class 7. Freestyle.

- for this month's freestyle, you are encouraged to come up with a theme and tell a story through your routine. 
- you are encouraged to use props, music and costumes
- you will be marked on degree of difficulty, content and flow and connection and harmony.

  • Max 3 mins

You can enter a show without being a member of LHUK. However, If you want to gain points for the LHUK league you need to be a member. You can join up to 5 days after judging to gain points retrospectively 😎

2024 Test Patterns

You will find all the 2024 test patterns here. Each month, the show schedule will be released with details of which tests will be included that month. There will also be some fun classes, freestyles and challeges thrown in!

Sec A. On the line; walk and trot

Sec B. Liberty at the shoulder. Walk only

Sec C. Liberty; At the shoulder walk and trot

Sec D. Liberty; walk and trot

Sec E. Ridden Bridleless

Sec F. Walk, trot and canter at liberty

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