Novice Trick Title

By attempting any of the tricks you agree that it is done entirely at your own risk. No responsibility falls with the Liberty Horse UK.

Horses can be dangerous and you should only attempt the tricks if you feel you have the skill and knowledge to do so safely.

Hand Touch

Horse touches your hand with his nose.

Target Stick Touch

Horse touches target stick with his nose

Two Feet On

Horse stands with two feet on a sturdy raised platform / pedestal

Cone Touch

Horse touches a cone with his nose

Stop from walk

Horse stops on a verbal or visual cue parallel to the handler at a distance of no less than 2 m away. This does NOT need to be at liberty


Handler steps at least 5m away and counts to 20 before returning to horse


Horse curls top lip in a smile

Push a ball

Horse pushes ball with his nose

Honk bicycle horn

Horse honks horn with his mouth

Cross legs

Horse crosses one front leg over the other


Horse kisses handler

Weave at liberty

Weave through 5 cones at liberty in walk


Horse wraps his neck around handler

Yes / No

Horse nods and shakes his head on cue

Kick a ball

Horse kicks ball with his foot

Fist bump

Horse contacts handlers fist with his knee in a 'fist bump'

Sidepass away

Horse steps sideways away from the handler. He should remain parallel and take at least 4 steps. You do not need to use a pole

Slow cutting games

Horse steps to side with one fore leg and then steps to the other side. Like slow motion cutting

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