Level 4

By attempting any of the tasks you agree that it is done entirely at your own risk,

Hindquarter towards

The outside hindleg must step underneath the body for at least 2-3 steps towards the handler.

Walk/ halt/ walk on the fence at liberty

The horse stops on cue at liberty and then walks on again calmly, maintaining a consistent position beside the handler.

Change rein through the circle at walk

Handler asks the horse to step into the circle and then take up the new rein.

Send away and recall

The handler sends the horse out onto a circle in walk and then asks the horse to come back into him on cue without using the rope.

Stop away from the fence in trot

The handler asks the horse to stop parallel to them  whilst out on the circle. They need to be at least 2m away from the fence at this level.

Take the mark from the circle

Handler takes the mark and asks the horse to circle them in trot. Then they step back and ask the horse to take the mark from the circle.

Sidepass away

Handler asks the horse to step away from them for at least 4 steps whilst remaining fairly parallel.


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