Level 3

By attempting any of the tasks you agree that it is done entirely at your own risk,

Hindquarter Yield to Stop on a Circle in Walk

Ask your horse to yield the hindquarters away to bring them to a stop facing you.

Back up in the leading position

Standing at the horse's shoulder in the leading position, ask the horse to back up using only a visual or verbal cue. There should be no contact with the horse. Horse should remain straight and take 4 steps.

Forehand yield towards in the leading position

As the handler steps sideways away from the horse, he moves his forehand 2-3 steps to line back up with the handler's inside shoulder.

Change of direction in walk using the fence

Horse should maintain its course in a straight line towards the fence until cued by the handler to turn towards them to change direction.

Mark training

Handler starts off on the mark and asks the horse to walk half a circle around them before inviting them to take the mark. Pause and praise. Handler then backs the horse off the mark and retakes it and asks the horse to do a half circle the other way before inviting them back onto the mark. The mark can be positioned against the fence.

Draw in a straight line with a few steps of trot

Draw the horse towards you as you walk backwards . Ask for a couple of steps of trot towards you. Horse stops when he reaches you or just before.

Stop away from the fence in walk

The handler asks the horse to stop parallel to them whilst out on the circle. They need to be at least 2m away from the fence at this level


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