Intermediate Trick Title

By attempting any of the tricks you agree that it is done entirely at your own risk. No responsibility falls with the Liberty Horse UK.

Horses can be dangerous and you should only attempt the tricks if you feel you have the skill and knowledge to do so safely.

Send to Cone Touch

Send from 5m to touch cone

Stop from trot

Horse stops on a verbal or visual cue parallel to the handler

Four Feet On

Horse stands with four feet on a sturdy raised platform / pedestal

Spanish walk

Horse extends alternate foreleg as he walks. Min 4 steps


Horse stretches out one foreleg, whilst dropping to his knee on the other.

Lay down

Horse lies down on cue

Send to mark

Send horse to a mark from 5m away


Horse fetches an item from the floor and brings it to your hand

Put ring on cone

Horse picks up a ring from floor or handler and places it on a cone


Horse comes to handler on cue from a distance of 10m


Horse stretches out foreleg and holds for at least 2 secs

Sidepass towards

Horse steps sideways towards the handler. He should remain parallel and take at least 4 steps

Back up from behind

Handler stands behind the horse and asks him to back up for at least 4 steps

Pivot round pedestal

Horse steps round half a circle with his hendlegs whilst keeping the forelegs on the pedestal


Horse sits on something such as a bean bag or pile of sand

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