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The aim of Liberty Horse UK is to raise the profile of the discipline in the UK and to provide a place for liberty enthusiasts, of all ages and abilities, to train and compete.

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Do you wish that you'd started on this path years ago? Are you struggling to find a coach or like minded friends? Do you feel like it's going to take forever to learn? I felt like that too!

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Follow our step by step videos to guide you through our progress awards syllabus. These have been designed to build all the foundations you need to get started at liberty.

Progress Awards

The LHUK progress awards provide a framework for your learning and training. You can start off as a complete beginner on the leadrope and work towards movements at liberty.

Compete Online

Monthly competitions allow you to develop your skills and gain points in the LHUK league.

Trick Titles

Tricks are great for helping horses learn to learn. They are also great for building their confidence and improving your timing.

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Mastering Your Mindset. The Key to Successful Liberty Horse Training

Mastering Your Mindset. The Key to Successful Liberty Horse Training

Ever caught yourself wondering what sets successful people apart? Well, spoiler alert—it's often not just luck or talent, but their mindset that's doing the heavy lifting! Yep, you heard that right—ou... ...more


April 24, 20246 min read

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