Advanced Trick Title

By attempting any of the tricks you agree that it is done entirely at your own risk. No responsibility falls with the Liberty Horse UK.

Horses can be dangerous and you should only attempt the tricks if you feel you have the skill and knowledge to do so safely.


Horse rears on cue


Horse spins at liberty (on the ground) on cue. It can be as slow or as fast as you like!

Stop from canter

Horse stops on cue at a distance of at least 5m away from the handler, parallel to them


Horse demonstrates at least 6 steps of piaffe. Must maintain an even rhythm and the legs should move in diagonal pairs. The pelvis should be tilted backwards, the croup lowered and the back round.

4 feet on small pedestal

Horse stands all for feet on a small pedestal so that his base of support is narrow

Put hula hoop over head

Horse takes hula hoop from the ground or the handler and puts it over his head so that it rests on his neck.


Horse stretches his front legs out in front of his body. The nose is tucked back and between the front legs.

Mounted bow

Horse bows whilst the rider is mounted

2 feet on mounted

Horse stands on the pedestal with 2 feet whilst the rider is mounted

Cutting game

Horse jumps from side to side facing the handler on the ground. More speed is required at the advanced level.

Jambette mounted

Horse stretches out foreleg and holds for at least 2 secs whilst rider is mounted

Sit from the lie down

Horse comes into the sitting position from the lay down

Colour discrimination

Horse to choose one colour out of three options of colour at least three times. The colour options must be no further than 60cm apart and you need to change the position of the target colour each time.

Go around

Horse trots or canters away from the handler, goes around an object and trots or canters back. The object should be at least 20m away

Liberty jump

Horse jumps a single barrel on it's side at liberty. The jump must be at least 5m in off the wall

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